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If you check out my Goodreads Author Page (The "I also Write Books" link on my toolbar), you'll find that any of my stories that have a volume collection available can also be marked as to-read or read on Goodreads.

Currently, every series is on hiatus, though they may have scattered updates on occasion, as I am trying to focus on novels for a bit.  Click the names of each story for a link to chapter one, or the numbers for the corresponding chapters.  Note that if at any point you encounter a 404 error, chances are the post being linked to is not actually available yet and it's a preemptive link.   The stories are as follows, and can be read in any order, though the reading experience may be different depending on which one is read first:

The story of Box Hako, a student of Korekara Academy who returned from a period of absence midway through second semester, but was found dead on campus just before winter break.  In the meantime, however... A strange piece of technology is instructing her on how to save everyone.
Mood: Bittersweet, Dark setting through the eyes of a compassionate innocent
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Mahou Shonen Just Say No
In a world where becoming a "magica" is a phenomenon known to and highly frowned upon by the public, a middle school teacher leading a normal life finds himself involved with Horace Giorno, a young man known as the Prince of Magical Boys, and the brutal, murderous magical girl Pretty Fighter Ribbon Red.  A subversion of Sailor Moon, inspired by shows like Madoka Magica and Magical Girl Raising Project.
Mood: Dark but Not Quite Grimdark
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A story of students at Korekara Academy, an invite-only high school for wayward, troubled, and delinquent girls who also have strong talents... And the demon the school's occult club summoned, who decides that what the school really needs to move forward with their lives is a School Idol Club.
Mood: Generally puff, with a few serious moments. 
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Akuma No Imouto 
A story of demon siblings who own and operate a bar that's a popular hangout both for mortals and for other demons who are in the human world for one reason or another.  This bar has another purpose, however; collecting secrets.  Though the spell through which they are collected is supposed to leave no memory of the target's mental landscape, Nagito, the elder sibling, finds himself remembering all the deepest, darkest thoughts of the bar's patrons.
Mood: Mostly dark, focusing on trauma and secrets
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Evil Meet Justice
Tina Packard has always known that she will be a force for justice.  It isn't a matter of hoping to be, but a certainty, as she's been raised under the watchful eye of the International Intrigue Agency, a group founded shortly after World War II to protect the world from international threats from behind the scenes, to become an agent.  She's learning as she goes that though others may see her as nothing but a tool, a means to an end, she can be better than that.
Mood: Bittersweet, secret agent child is capable of anything except standing up to her brother
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Bad Dreams
Mandrake Birch has been having nightmares.  He knows that they're nightmares, and nothing more than that, but he's sharing them in an online dream forum, and people are suggesting that they could be something more meaningful than that.  He's loathe to care what they say, until he discovers who's really behind a tragic event at his high school and discovers that having people who'll listen to what he says could be beneficial in the process of getting revenge.
Mood: Bittersweet, the protagonist is successful but is also a very bad person.
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Dear Diary On  Semi-permanent Hiatus 
A group of teens growing up at a lake in Connecticut have been asked to keep a journal by one of their peers; local wallflower, Maria Ramirez.  These journals serve as the documentation of the most important time in their lives as they grow and change, becoming better people than they were before.  Only Chapter One is available at this time.

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